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No Option to turn off iCloud Music Library

iCloud Music Library is a special service that was developed for storing users’ music content. It has been used by thousands of iOS strong fans and become one of the most popular features among them.

No Option to turn off iCloud Music Library

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We are sure that every customer knows how to use this interesting app and work with it. But, have you ever thought about the possibility to turn it off? If not, let’s find out appropriate methods to do it together.

There are three simple ways to do it by using your iPhone, Mac device, or standard PC.

Let’s start with the first one and figure out how to deactivate the IM library on Apple gadgets.

First of all, open configurations and choose the “Music” section. Then you should deactivate the “Sync Library” service.

For Mac devices, it would be necessary to go to the “Apple Music” program and find there item “Music” too. After these manipulations, it is time to go to the “Preferences” section and change the activity of the “Sync Library” function.

Last but not least, the process of this library disabling for PC users. The process is the same as for Mac devices. The only thing that differs is the “Sync Library” function. Here it’s named as “iCloud Music Library” function.

However, what can you do if you have figured out that there is no option to turn off the iCloud music library? Firstly, you should make sure that both functions “Show Apple Music” and “Sync Library” are turned off. Go to the “Settings” section, select there the “Music” item, and check their statuses.

Secondly, you can sign out of Apple ID in Settings and after that sign back in again. It may also be useful.

However, if you have already tried both methods and still can’t find the solution, just rely on a support service. We are sure that they will be glad to assist you at any time.

Finally, do you know which service can help at any point? It’s MusConv, a special application that is specialized in music transferring. Having access to popular music platforms has already helped thousands of users in tunes migration.

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