On Spotify, can multiple people collaborate on a playlist?

Currently, the modern music industry offers listeners a huge number of popular streaming services such as Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, and many other both well-known and little-known platforms.

on Spotify, can multiple people collaborate on a playlist

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Spotify is considered almost the most popular and widely-used music application that was founded in Sweden. It offers customers more than 50 million songs from different talented artists. This platform has perfect searching technology that is based on the analysis of users’ music tastes. Moreover, the subscription prices are quite democratic for the great functionality offered to the listeners.

High-quality playlists are the most attractive feature of the Spotify application. Users get access to more than 4 million thematic playlists here. It is really impressive figures, and there is no other music platform that could offer customers such a huge variety of interesting content. However, every user (even if he uses the free version of Spotify) can create his own playlist. It is possible to add any songs you like there. Also, you are able to create even several such playlists, and they may, for example, be grouped into different genres, or for sports, for painting, for relaxation, and so on.

However, while almost everyone knows that you can create playlists, not everyone knows that you can make them collaborative and share them with your friends, or relatives. You and your friends can now manage a playlist together. A friend, with playlist access, can:

  • add songs to the playlist;
  • delete some songs;
  • change the order of tracks’ playing.

But, on Spotify, can multiple people collaborate on a playlist? Of course, they can! Firstly, you can give your friends access to the playlist by copying the link. Then you can send it to them in a private message or create a special group chat and drop the link there one time that makes the task much easier.

Also, there is another way.  You can use it to give access to your playlist for multiple users at once sharing the link to it on the social network. This could be Facebook, for example. However, take note of the fact that anyone who comes across this link on your page will get access to the playlist, and that in most cases is not desirable. In any case, you can reassure yourself and back up your playlist and be absolutely safe.

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