One of the most exciting collaborations in Hollywood has come to light

Fifty Cent, better known as Curtis Jackson to his fans, who is an American rapper and entrepreneur, is joining forces With Kenya Barris to start a new project. Barris is best known for his work on ABC’s hit show Black-ish and will be co-writing the upcoming Netflix series alongside 50 Cent.  

This will be the first time 50 Cent has ever written anything longer than 140 characters on Twitter, so it’s interesting how he plans on expanding his idea into a full series for Netflix. Will this be the first time that 50 Cent is credited as an executive producer on a TV show? Will this collaboration mark his entry into television production?

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The two men have been working together for some time now, with both of them coming from very different backgrounds but each one has a lot of experience in their respective fields. Details about what this means for the industry are still unclear, but it’s clear that something fresh and exciting is coming.

What will the series look like? In an interview on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, 50 Cent discussed how he wants his character in the show to be an example of someone who “grows and learns.” Sounds like a good role model! We’re certainly looking forward to bold new moves and bracing sincerity! That’s what the world needs right now. And puppies. 

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