Optional Features Of Spotify

Swedish music streaming service Spotify continues to surprise its users every day. This platform has many features that are not included in the list of basic ones, but at the same time create additional convenience for users.

Spotify has a web version and a full client that you can control from your smartphone – and vice versa. Spotify also has seemingly optional features that some users really appreciate. Among them is the section Behind The Lyrics with the support of the Genius website, where they tell the story of creation and the meaning of the lines of some hits. In other songs, there is a video sequence built into the player, which is adapted to the smartphone screen.

You can also listen to podcasts on Spotify, find out about concerts in your city, and even buy merchandise from some artists. Spotify can be enabled on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fairness, it is worth saying that the average user very rarely uses such functions.

More or less all streaming music services have learned to recommend music. Spotify’s two calling cards are personalized weekly playlists that try to fit the taste. Every Monday, Spotify sends 30 tracks that, according to the algorithms, the user should like. These are performers of the genre that they listen to more often, tracks of familiar bands that have not yet been included. This is Discover Weekly.

Algorithms can be improved – listen to more music, like tracks and remove those that you don’t like from the selection. Over time, the playlist can become a great place to find new artists and songs.

By the way, Spotify is famous among music fans for its perfect music recommendation algorithms. In this case, musical recommendations are based not only on the music listened to, its genre and style, but even on the potential mood of the user. And musical recommendations are selected taking into account this mood.

Release Radar is about the same, but about new music. Every Friday, Spotify sends you a collection of songs from the releases of the bands and artists you like. And sometimes they throw in a couple of songs from albums that you didn’t even know about – suddenly you’ll like it too.

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If Discover Weekly and Release Radar are about finding something new, then the daily selections are more likely to leave you in your comfort zone. Daily Mixes is a series of daily playlists where songs are grouped by genre, country and nationality. It all depends on what the user has been listening to lately. Usually there are several playlists at once.

The selection is not limited by tracks and is constantly uploaded. But some songs are in heavy rotation – this is more a minus than a plus. Periodically, other personalized playlists appear on Spotify. The most famous of these is part of Spotify Wrapped, a year-end summing up of users’ music habits.

What you listened to, how long, how unique your taste is – all this is shown in the form of cards. And then the personal top 100 songs become available, plus a separate playlist in the style of “you didn’t listen to this, but we decided to advise you”.

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