Pamungkas won against emotional burning out and again fell in love with music

The Indonesian singer and the author of songs tells about a way of self-knowledge which led him to rewriting of the album of 2020 of Solipsism.

After release of three albums Pamungkas понимл principle of trainings: teasers, viewing special clips, countdown. The publication of news also usually was a part of a daily routine, but shortly before an exit of his album the 27-year-old Indonesian singer – a real name Rizki Rakhmakhadian Pamungkas – made headlines of newspapers for the reasons, not absolutely his advantage.

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To make mistakes, to study, to raise and look at life through a prism: it what induced Pamungkas to process all the third album «Solipsism» in only seven months after his release. According to him though both plates were released behind closed doors last year, they were written down at very different moments of his life.

The singer improved the former ideas and turned the rough emotions into faultless, confessional LP on which 11 songs are impregnated with stories about a grief, anger and pain. By June, 2020 «solipsism» extended on the world. Pamungkas celebrated the new era with a series of concerts on the air.

So, the singer managed will cope with emotional burning out to which long hard work led.

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