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How do we know if any app or software company think about their customers or not? Well, we can always assume that reviewing their research on new products or services. If we think about both Pandora and Spotify, they both are doing fine in updating their software for better customer satisfaction. Pandora, starting its journey from the year 2000, has been in the heart of the customers for not only its online music streaming service but also for its unbeatable radio stations. Likewise, Spotify has been also the king among its users for its uninterrupted service in online music streaming, podcast, and radio stations. If you worship music and willing to invest your penny in music streaming service, then you have the right to know which product or service you should invest in. Today’s topic deals with a comparative discussion on the service of these two apps.

Spotify has arranged a brand new service for its users which is Spotify Stations which allows them to online radio stations. This service is similar to the radio service of Pandora which also offers the same quality service. This service of Spotify is compatible with Android and iOS. On the other hand, Pandora has become popular for its immense number of old and new music collections which attracts people of all ages.

Talking about cost, Spotify has a free version. But the worst fact of the service is added which pops up to the screen any time, every time. To get rid of this disturbance, you can log into the premium account. After you log into the premium version, you can select a station by tapping the upper left corner of the app and you can select multiple radio stations base don your choice. Spotify station is a purely simple app that allows the users to uninterrupted online radio service without any hassle. Although the authority could add a few features more to this station app to make it extraordinary, the simplicity of the app makes it more user-friendly.

Pandora offers a traditional radio-like feature but the free version is not free of Ads. If you want to make your music streaming experience Ads free, you will need to cost $4.99 to buy the Pandora Plus which also allows the users to skip songs. As it offers the traditional radio look, the use of this app becomes easy. The on-demand music mix and the podcasts which are included in the radio stations, make the radio streaming experience loaded with unwanted services.

No offense, but with the millions of exceptional song recommendation service, Spotify stands on top of the queue. so it is your decision on which one to invest. So, it is your decision on which one to invest your money!