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Paul McCartney took part in a master class

Paul McCartney took part in a master class with students at Princeton University. The occupation was devoted to composing songs. The seminar entitled “How to Write Songs” lasted three hours. At about the thirtieth minute, guest lecturer Bridget Kearney completed a presentation on diatonic frets. Then the professor helped Paul Muldoon announced that the new test student would listen to the compositions of the rest of the students remotely.

Muldoon then introduced the guest. It was McCartney who turned on the video. He listened and appreciated each song composed by students of each of the 8 groups (each has 4-5 people, every week they create a new composition).

Paul McCartney

McCartney gave advice, told jokes and generally led the discussion. It turned out that Sir Paul McCartney is a born teacher, as Professor Muldon said. For her part, Kearney stated that before the master class she had never talked with Sir Paul McCartney, but, in her words, she had a difficult case of beatbreaking since childhood. She added that Paul McCartney is very inspiring to her.

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At first, Paul McCartney’s camera was turned off, everything the students heard was a distant voice with a British accent. Several people thought initially that it might be Jacob Collier. But reality turned out to be much more surprising. Students said that they could never forget this meeting with Paul McCartney, and she simply added to their creative strength and desire to serve the great cause of art and music.

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