Paul Weller’s new album Fat Pop (Volume 1)

In early May, Paul Weller will release his new album Fat Pop (Volume 1). For those who don’t know him, he is a rock star and has been releasing albums for eons. His most recent work was a solo project in 2017 with 15 tracks titled A Kind Revolution. If you are interested in listening to this latest work by Paul Weller, check out the preview for “Fat Pop” on YouTube or Spotify! 

The music on this album will take you back to classic Paul Weller albums like Stanley Road and Wild Wood. It’s a mix of future-wave, dramatic symphony, groovy funk with pop elements. If you’re looking for an update on Paul’s past sounds without any experimentation or artistic risks then this might be the perfect album for you!

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The album is a sonic symphony, as Weller puts it. “It’s a big old bag of tricks,” he says in an interview with NME. A future-wave/dramatic symphony/groovy funk that can only be for true admirers of high aesthetics, this new album by Paul Weller will undoubtedly amaze listeners when it comes out in May. It is filled with rich vocals and funky guitar solos to keep the listener captivated, while also featuring new and exciting guest appearances. Who? Find out by making use of one of the most awesome music streaming services MusConv offers to transfer tracks to and from – like Spotify, Google Music, Pandora, or dozens more. 

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