Play Music From Smartphone In Your Car

Today, there are many ways to listen to music in the car, transmitted to the car radio from a smartphone or feature phone. This is convenient since almost everyone has music stored on their mobile devices, and music streaming services are becoming more and more popular every day, including Internet radio. Internet radio is still considered an innovation in many countries, so music streaming services predominate there.

Music on the road not only improves mood and relieves stress, but also helps the driver to concentrate, keep abreast of the latest news and so on. Internet radio is ideal in this case. The main thing is to have a reliable Internet connection. Therefore, a significant disadvantage is that such a radio will not work stably in places where there is no Internet. To the surprise of many residents of modern megacities, there are such places in almost every country, even the most densely covered mobile communications and the Internet.

Both when using the streaming service and when playing music stored on the smartphone’s flash card, you can synchronize the mobile device with the car system. The latest music car systems support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Connecting a smartphone in this case does not cause any difficulties at all.

If we are talking about an older car radio, then you can connect a smartphone (and a simple push-button mobile phone) to it using Bluetooth, via the AUX input, using a USB cable, FM transmitter.

Any mobile phone supports the Bluetooth function, the main thing is that it should be in the car radio. Therefore, in this case, everything is simple.

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Almost all car radios have an AUX input. On the phone, this is the headphone output. You can connect both devices using a 3.5 mm jack cable, which usually comes with either a car stereo or a mobile one. If it is not there, then you can easily buy it in any store selling digital equipment, and it is cheap.

Using the USB input, you can connect your smartphone to systems that have the function of connecting Android devices. We connect the mobile to the car radio using USB or Micro USB, allow the phone to work in data transfer mode. The car radio scans the memory of the gadget and its flash card, finding audio files there. Listening to music online in this way will not work. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for the iPhone either, since it cannot be used as a storage device.

The FM transmitter receives music content from a mobile phone via Bluetooth or AUX. To do this, you will need to set the radio mode on the car radio to the frequency of the transmitter. The transmitter is an additional equipment that is widely represented on the market today.

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