Playlist Transfer Apps

Many people cannot imagine their lives without music. They listen to it every day and in every mood. That’s why streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others have become so popular.

 Playlist Transfer Apps

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But while the purpose of all modern music platforms is to provide the user with high-quality music content, they differ from each other. Some services offer better or worse sound quality, some provide additional convenient features. When choosing, people often compare the prices of the streaming services subscriptions or the availability of free versions.

Almost all music fans time to time think about possible changes to their usual streaming platform and try to search for a better and more convenient one. But what do they do to avoid losing all their already saved tracks, videos, playlists, etc. from their old streaming services? Of course, they should refer to the convenient application MusConv to transfer all necessary content to the new platform.

This program was developed specifically to make it easier for people to switch from one music application to another. So, the MusConv application is able to:

  • transfer individual tracks in a few minutes;
  • migrate entire playlists and albums of artists;
  • save and transfer tracks or albums;
  • imports artists’ biographies or concert recordings and other music content.

Moreover, we offer our users a wide selection of music platforms (50+). Any of them can be chosen by users both as a source and as a target service.

Let’s take Spotify and Apple Music as an example to see how you can transfer a playlist between these platforms. The first thing you need to do is to download the MusConv application and go through the registration procedure.

After that, when opening the application in the corresponding window, customers should select the source of imported music. In our case, we choose Spotify and enter our account details.

As a destination place, users have to select Apple Music and enter their account details (you should already have one created). After that, tick the playlist you want to transport to the new service and click the appropriate button.

Done! In a couple of minutes, the selected content will appear on your new music platform. Follow a similar algorithm for transferring individual tracks or albums.

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We offer 4 types of subscriptions for our users. It’s even possible to get a lifetime account for only $247 at one time. But if you want to see whether it’s worth the price of the subscription, you can try out a free trial period. During this time, you will have access to absolutely all the features of our program. This way, you have the chance to find out what you need.