Pop singer Mandy Mettbach convinces with an animated concert

The stage show, known only for superstars, was staged by Mandy Mettbach on March 13, 2021 on the Lacave Records YouTube channel.

In the first few seconds, some viewers did not suspect that this concert was a full-fledged animated film. The deceptive impression of the full reality of the concert was created thanks to the interaction of light and sound design.

Mandy Mettbach

Impressive pyrotechnics, ground fog, LEDs and lasers fascinated the public. The illusion was just perfect. Aerial photographs captured thousands of people who came to their concert. If you listen, you can even hear the crack of pyrotechnics. Flames and fireworks rose into the sky.

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The combination of extended reality and live singing can be an alternative for artists from around the world. So far, only the DJs have already made an expanded reality. The idea of ​ ​ creating a concert in this form is completely new. It took 7 months to develop this form of extended reality. The idea belongs to Marcus Neubauer, who positions himself as music producer Mandy Mettbach. Mandy has already been rewarded for her courage and commitment to this new technology and its introduction by the DJs on the DJ Top 100 Charts because her single «This Song» rose from 59th to 11th place on the DJ Top 100 Charts 2. days after the premiere of the concert.

«It was hard physically, but it’s also a real concert. I have a well-organized team, so the production was very fun. It’s a real alternative, and it won’t be my last gig in extended reality», Mandy said.

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