Premiere Of "TQG" By Shakira And Karol G Has Already Taken Place

The premiere of Shakira and Karol G’s TQG has already taken place and gave all the strength to the former partner of both Colombian artists.

On Friday, February 24, the first thing in the morning was the release of a new song by Shakira and Karol G, a collaboration that everyone has been waiting for. The song has lyrics that leave the last reproach to their exes, but delivered with softness and elegance.

The song, 9 hours after the release, has already gained more than 6 million views on YouTube and ranks first in music trends.

Karol G and Shakira have already launched their new song, which has already caused a lot of talk a few hours before the premiere. TQG are the initials of Te Quedé Grande, the slogan that Shakira repeats to Pique in Sessions #53 Bizarrap, the most played song in the world over the past month.

In this case, the lyrics are not as explicit as Shakira’s Sessions #53 with Bizarrap. This is because the song is written by two popular artists, so Karol G also uploads it.

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Among the verses of the new song by Shakira and Karol G, there are phrases that, of course, did not go unnoticed. Some of these phrases were slogans like “Tell your newborn that I am not competing for men. So that he stops pulling, so that at least you are pretty with me,” which Shakira sings.

In this context, the song suggests that a call for reconciliation after the betrayal of the former partners of the singers is not possible. TQG, the new song and music video of Shakira and Karol G, is available on YouTube.

Finally, musically, the song is a soft reggaeton, far from the heavy and repetitive works of this genre. Likewise, the two interpreters offer a sensual and sophisticated perreo.

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