Prices For Different Music Services

It is necessary to consider your budget carefully before choosing a perfect music service in according to your need. In addition to that, it is important to compare between offers of various services.

However, you also need to make a comparison among those offers from the music services. It is not at all an easy task for you to make a research and find out the information. You have to research for hours in the internet for finding out the right information. Even you may need hours in order to find out the price of a single service.

Fortunately, we are here for you to make the comparison. Here, in this article, we will compare prices as well as services of different music services. It will ultimately help you to choose one.

Tidal has three offers pricing $9.99, $19.99 and $29.99 and the packages are regular, premium and family respectively. However, all the key service providers except Tidal offer almost the same amount for same offers. Deezer, Google play, Apple and Spotify take $9.99, and $14.99 for regular and family packages respectively.

For students, Apple and Spotify has great offers. They charge their services only $4.99 for the students. However, it is important to be a student to use the student package. Not anyone can use the student package.

The validation of the students will be done through Unidays as well as NUS extra (spotify only) in UK. It does mean that in order to use the student package, you must have to read in the universities or colleges.

Half of the offers from various services come from a free subscription. The free services of Spotify or Deezer are a lot alike. While using tab or computer, you can listen to the tracks in according to your choices, but there will be advertisements every now and then.

If you use a phone, you will not be able to pick every tracks. You will get a shuffled playlist based on your initial choice. You will not get many chances to skip tracks. Moreover, ads will be there.

However, each of those services offer premium and family plans. All of those six music services offer a family plan and that plan let six family members connect at the same time. While using the family plan, it is not required to share with your family members only.

You can share with anyone you like. If you have two services, then you may need to transfer files across services. It is almost an impossible task to perform without a proper solution. However, you can use MusConv in order to transfer files across various music services.

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