QoBuz vs Spotify

For the last few years services for granting stream music increased huge audience of music lovers and audiophiles worldwide. In 2020 in the USA counted nearly 150 million paid subscribers of popular musical stream services. And this year already expect 800 million users who are ready to pay for tracks of favorite performers. Similar dynamics can be explained with considerable advantages of this format of listening of music over others.

This rather new way of listening of music has a set of undoubted advantages:

• it isn’t necessary to download to the memory card all media library in advance;

• on musical stream services the low-quality or cut-off records don’t get;

• on platforms the algorithm which helps you to find that music which is close to you is provided;

• all like to listen to music free of charge, but it is always pleasant to true admirers to bring a small contribution in development of the musician.

And, at last, stream music can be started from the computer, phone or a player having such function.

QoBuz and Spotify have all above-mentioned undoubted advantages. These are two musical stream services which are very popular today.

Qobuz Logo Music

QoBuz is created in France and underwent in February, 2019 beta testing in America. It was founded in 2007 by Yves Rizel, extended on a limited circle of the foreign musical markets, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain, and is started in the USA in May, 2019. For years of the existence the stream service underwent many changes. Carry to his advantages

• white interface, convenient navigation;

• when choosing the performer, the user obtains detailed information on him;

• doesn’t hang on any devices;

• provides simple access to the recommendations of service.

Service is considered one of new, at the same time his developers introduced the most innovative technologies. In service six data plans are provided. QoBuz positions itself as music service of the reproduction of stream music relating to the last generation. Certainly, the main advantage and at the same time main competitive advantage of this platform is the quality of sounding of the played-back music. But undoubted minuses of service can be considered small prevalence on the world, the high cost of a subscription and lack of the free version. It is possible to carry to shortcomings also rather small media library which doesn’t come within miles, for example, of the Swedish Spotify.

QoBuz vs Spotify

For the first time Spotifу declared itself in far 2006. The Swedish development seemed something fantastic, then very few people then believed that it will be possible to listen sometime to music on the Internet, and YouTube just celebrated the first anniversary. Swedes appeared in due time and in the right place – music on physical carriers surely was a thing of the past, becoming an anachronism, and on the Internet weren’t able to trade in musical tracks still sense. Especially the new platform of performers attracted, they obviously felt this vacuum. Originally Spotifу worked as a torrent tracker, but in 2008 his developers decided to use model of streaming service. It was the abrupt innovation which has no credibility even at Steve Jobs. For creators of the platform there were no large investors of whom Music Apple could brag, for example. All current achievements became result of laborious work and close attention to trifles.

Today Spotifу became one of the most popular the streaming services in the world. He surely enters into top three of the world market of streaming music, and his audience in the 2021st passed for 350 million listeners from whom nearly a half – paid subscribers. The platform has very serious impact on all music world in general. For example, Swedes paid a royalty to owners of compositions for 16 billion dollars that can’t but involve both the experienced, and beginning performers.

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Today service is available in 120 countries of the world, and his musical library exceeds 60 million tracks. Service is used in a web, in a desktop, in smartphones, he can be used in the stereosystem, Smart TV, on the video game console. 

Spotifу Free is a free version of the platform which has a little cut down functionality though he is quite enough for the average user.

So, when comparing two musical stream services unambiguously wins the Swedish Spotifу. If, of course, not to take quality of sounding of the played-back music into account. If for someone this indicator is defining, then in that case it will surely give preference to the French music stream service of QoBuz. It can be considered the elite stream platform for true melomans.

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