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Radiohead made the announcement of a new puzzle based on the popular album of this group

The new puzzle began to be actively sold. For its basis, the 2007 album «In Rainbows» was taken.

There are a thousand details in the puzzle. It is now available for pre-order on the WASTE Radiohead website, embodies the aesthetics of the In Rainbows drawing by Stanley Donwood, a longtime member of the group. In its finished form, it has dimensions of 66 cm x 50 cm.

The official instruction states that the puzzle material consists of completely recycled cardboard, and the image is printed on the FSC paper source using water-based ink.

The first shipments of the new game are scheduled for April 26, 2021. Tom York, the leader of the group, announced the new brainchild of the musical group on February 25. The estimated cost of the puzzle will be £29.99, which is quite accessible to the vast majority of fans of the group.

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Radiohead made a post on Twitter that she released a completely new puzzle and it is now served in the @ wastehq store at the moment when you just have nothing to say for each other.

This happened after in January 2021, at an auction for £7,600, an old Radiohead demo recording with «raw» tracks was sold, recorded by a group under their old name «On A Friday». No one has ever heard these tracks, so it is not surprising that they delighted the fans of the once popular group.

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