Raine and Jung Ha released a stunning video clip

Raine and Jung Ha released an amazing video for the song «Why Don’t We» from the new mini-album «PIECES by RAIN».

Pop veteran Raine released a touching video for  new single «Why Don’t We».

This is also Ray’s first solo release in four years. Last year, he teamed up with comedian Jung Ha and singer Lee Khuri and formed a group. They released the summer hit single «Beach Again».

In the elegant video, the 38-year-old singer performs an unforgettable dance pop song on a futuristic platform filled with television screens, and joins Jung’s second poetry. Then they sing in the choir.

«Why Don’t We» appears in Raine’s new mini-album.This project includes collaborations with Jackson Wang and his new band Cipher, as well as a duet with CY Park.

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The single immediately became very popular. The topic raised here is very close to summer sentiment. This is a rest from everyday excitement, home problems and work problems. Against the backdrop of the mountains is a beautiful sandy beach. Of course, almost everyone wants such a vacation, and such celebrities advertise it.

The high-quality work of artists and the entire film crew, screenwriters and directors made the new video clip a real masterpiece.

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