Rammstein has recorded a new album during the lockdown

In the face of impending doom, they have proven that true rock never dies.

The world-famous group, who we should be thankful for forever for “Sonne” and “Mutter”, proved once again that true rock never dies and recorded a new album.

After winding their fans up for a while with rumors of the next album already in progress, Rammstein finally released a new album despite the almost biblical disasters happening all around them and humankind in 2020-2021. What could be better though than another bracing hard rock bunch of immortal hits from Rammstein in the times when the public’s spirits are anything but lifting?

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The stellar cast that includes vocalist Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe, Paul Landers, Oliver Riedel, and Chris Lorenz, proved once again that there are also positive sides to the pandemic 2020 introduced to us – like time for quiet self-reflection and ability to work on our own. 

The group also managed to highlight the usual controversial issues their music raises such as mankind’s self-destructive nature, which isn’t, according to them, being influenced much by the virus, but rather comes from within.

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