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Rapper Buba accuses radio host of slander

The famous rapper filed a lawsuit for libel and public insults after statements by a radio host.

Rapper Buba found a new enemy. This week, the artist filed a lawsuit after the statements of radio host Move. During the show «After Rap», which was in the online broadcast, host Jerim Sar criticized the rapper’s last track, which is called «Ratpi World».

The host said that in the rap direction there are artists much more effective and popular than Buba. Perhaps this is not verbatim, but the meaning of the statement of the presenter was just that.

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Then the host continued  criticism, hinting at the alleged relationship that the rapper had with several minors: «I prefer that this relationship with minors be limited to music». But such a statement, from the point of view of the rapper, in itself has already caused a far mixed reaction from the audience. That is why Buba considered him an insult to  dignity.

To the offer of an interview in order to refute false accusations and comments made on the radio, the presenter questioned in court responded with a counter proposal to conduct an appropriate campaign on social networks, but did not guarantee that he could completely refute all ambiguous hints. But the rapper’s lawyer responded to such a proposal with a categorical refusal and invited the court to continue considering the lawsuit of the popular rapper.

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