Rapper Drake released a new intriguing track

Rapper Drake released a new track, which he made a discord in the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Social networks wonder what Drake sang about in new song and what sins he needs to confess. Fans heard the word «Yeezy» in the lyrics. This is the name of the brand that Kanye West owns, derived from the abbreviation of his nickname.

Rapper Drake

Amid talk of a divorce between Kanye and Kim Kardashian and rumors about a possible connection between Drake and Kim, this could not but cause a corresponding reaction from fans of all involved in this potential scandal. The social networks are already vigorously discussing the new track Drake. Some users are now sure that in the past the popular presenter and business lady had a connection with Drake. 2018, she really had a problem with Drake. Therefore, since then there have been rumors that Drake has a relationship with Kardashian. If he told West that he was passing on her sin, he simply would not want to believe it.

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Such a mixed reaction of fans of the famous Canadian rapper to his new track is not surprising. After all, it can be related to three mega-stars of the modern music industry. And in general, the details of the personal life of show business stars have always not left the public indifferent. By the way, quite often the stars themselves make «information stuffing», using them as a kind of advertising campaign, the purpose of which, of course, is to increase the public’s interest in creative brand and, as a result, increase revenue from sales of their own musical compositions.

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