Rihanna Is Going On Tour In 2023

Only a few days left to wait for the legendary Super Bowl halftime show, a show hosted by Rihanna this year. But as the star finalizes her preparations, there are rumors that she will announce a tour after the concert.

In November 2022, Rihanna released the single “Lift Me Up” for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. Coming out of her long silence, the singer had to again cast her voice to the delight of the fans. But good news never comes alone, she announced a few days later her participation in the Super Bowl halftime show.

Satisfied with this good news, her fans never stop talking and the comeback rumors are becoming more and more important. The question on everyone’s lips is: will Rihanna return to music in 2023? Everyone seems to think so.

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Indeed, by tradition, after the Super Bowl show, the guest star also has to announce the tour, as Lady Gaga or Beyoncé did. And Rihanna shouldn’t be doing that. The rumor seems to be justified as a source said that Riri already has dates planned for 2023 for his US tour and 2024 for Europe. The news should come out between Sunday and Monday to quickly correct the fans.

But who says the world tour announcement is also talking about a new album. Just days before the finals of the world’s most watched American football tournament, Rihanna seems to have reached out to Jay-Z to host her own show. At the same time, the translator of “Diamonds” is filming a report about her life as a young mother and the backstage of preparing a show of this magnitude.

The megastar is ready to please her fans in 2023 after a relatively long silence. And so they want more and more meetings with their idol. Waiting for the announcement of a new world tour will be a very welcome event for fans of the popular artist.

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