Rihanna, Mark Zuckerberg And Ivanka Trump Became Celebrity Guests Of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, the head of the Indian conglomerate Reliance and Asia’s wealthiest individual with a staggering fortune of $117 billion according to Forbes, is renowned for his penchant for extravagant events. Such is the case with the grand Indian wedding festivities he’s orchestrating for his son.

The three-day pre-wedding extravaganza for Ambani’s youngest son, Anant Ambani, 28, who is set to marry his long-time partner Radhika Merchant, 29, commenced on Friday, gathering a whopping 1200 guests. The festivities are unfolding in Jamnagar, a town near the main Reliance oil refinery in the western state of Gujarat.

Despite the actual wedding slated for July, the celebrations de facto commenced on Wednesday when Anant and his bride-to-be hosted a communal dinner for local residents, attended by a staggering 51,000 people.

The festivities over the weekend took place in Jamnagar, Gujarat, not far from Reliance’s main oil refinery. At Anant’s pre-wedding bash, luminaries such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg from Meta, Indian billionaires Gautam Adani and Kumar Mangalam Birla, along with numerous cricket players and Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, are expected to attend, albeit some preferring to remain anonymous.

Likewise, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, who recently announced a merger of their Indian media assets with Reliance worth $8.5 billion, is likely to grace the occasion.

Anant, a director in Reliance’s new energy business, is one of the three children of Ambani, inheriting a slice of his empire, while Merchant serves as a director in Indian company Encore Healthcare.

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Ambani’s opulent celebrations have drawn comparisons to a mini Davos summit, notably during his daughter Isha’s wedding in 2018, attended by former US Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, among others.

Guests at Anant Ambani’s celebration are in for a culinary treat, with 500 dishes prepared by approximately 100 chefs. They’ll be pampered with hairstylists, makeup artists, and drapers for traditional Indian attire, available on a first-come-first-served basis, as per the planned document reviewed by Reuters.

The guests will visit a rescue center housing over 2000 animals, including one of the world’s largest elephant hospitals. The dress code, dubbed “jungle fever,” recommends animal print attire or Hawaiian shirts.

Chartered flights are offered from Delhi and Mumbai, with guests advised to limit luggage to two items or three bags per couple. The document warns that exceeding the limit offers no guarantee of arrival on the same flight.

Guests are also urged to be reasonable in their laundry service expectations.

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