Rihanna paid $14 million for the McCartney floor neighborhood

American pop singer and entrepreneur Rihanna acquired a house in Beverly Hills, paying $13.8 million for it. The mansion is located next to the estate of a former member of the legendary British music group The Beatles Paul McCartney. And this is perhaps the main advantage of this acquisition.

Rihanna house

The house, which was built in the 1930s in a quiet mountainous area, has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The area of the plot of land exceeds 2000 square meters. Of the other celebrity neighbors, singer Marian Keri. True, this is only a formal neighborhood, since Keri rents out house. The new Rihanna estate has a large swimming pool, spa area and barbecue area.

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Previously, this mansion belongs to Mary Sheldon, the daughter of the famous American writer Sidney Sheldon. Subsequently, it was sold for $4.3 million to an investor named Star. The new owner made expensive repairs in the mansion, after which he sued the company that carried out the repair work. At first, he planned to receive $15 million for the estate, but as a result of the bidding he agreed to drop the price by $1.2 million.

In February of this year, Rihanna presented fans with an album with her own candid photos, in which she is captured in various images. The post appeared on her Instagram page. In the pictures, the 32-year-old performer poses in a pool in a black bikini with rhinestones, showing fans the reversal of the album «The Rianna Book». Two frames are captured on its pages: on the first, a celebrity, standing in a swimsuit, holds a beach bag in his hands, and on the second – swims in the pool.

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