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Ringo Starr criticizes 1970 documentary

In 1970, the documentary «Let It Be» was shot about the legendary band The Beatles. It was a work directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, in which he captured the group’s work on the 12th studio album.

Ringo Starr

On March 18, Ringo Starr spoke at Zoom’s Q & A session, saying that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson decided to make a new documentary. It will be called «The Beatles: Get Back». The future film will be based on materials from the 1970 documentary. In total, the director will need to process 56 hours of original recordings of the group’s video.

Ringo Starr said that from the very beginning he did not like that 1970 film. He was kind of dull and pessimistic. Each time after watching a 43-minute documentary, Ringo began a slight depression.

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The initiator of the creation of a new documentary about the legendary Liverpool Four was Peter Jackson. He repeatedly talked with Ringo about this, and together they made draft sketches of the plot of the future film.

Initially, it was planned to release a new documentary about The Beatles with the vein of this year, but the restrictions associated with the pandemic forced the creators to postpone the release date of the picture. Now the next release date of the film will be August 27.

On March 19, Starr’s new EP, Zoom In, was released. He co-authored with McCartney and several other singers and musicians. The recording was conducted in the home studio of Ringo Starr.

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