Rossi debuted for the second time with one album

In 2012 the Philippine actress and the singer Alessandra de Rossi debuted in the music world with independently released album «Adrift». But, perhaps, «release» – the wrong name as the album resembled the fallen tree more, and could hear nobody him. There were neither advertizing announcements, nor a big party, nor the press, nor promo-tours. It didn’t even bring to the singer of money because she distributed him in the form of free downloading for music stream service of SoundCloud.

But Rossi didn’t calm down and didn’t bury the dream to become the singer. For this reason it was solved on one more musical debut and again offered the world the album, somewhat having modernized it.

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According to the singer and the actress, the released album became for her a subject for self-knowledge. It republished the debut album, having rethought a lot of things to the approach to music.

Rossi feels now that she «a step closer» becoming the «lawful» musician, at least because now she writes songs more. And it is pleasant to her that people listen to them and comprehend. The singer congratulated herself on an album exit, having told that it is her «the first, but not the last child». Such statement allows to assume that the performer and the author of songs won’t stop on the achieved result and will continue musical career, pleasing the so far, unfortunately, not really numerous admirers with new musical tracks.

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