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To officially subscribe to the Tidal music streaming service, you must be in the country in which the platform is officially operating. Unfortunately, the list of these countries does not cover the whole world.

But what if the music lover really wants to make the most of the music streaming benefits that the service is so proud of? Today there are two types of paid subscriptions: Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi. The first format is not particularly interesting, since it cannot offer the user anything exclusive. A similar set of options can be found in almost every music streaming service. But the HiFi subscription gives you the opportunity to listen to music in very high quality – with a bit rate of 1 411 kbps. This playback format is called FLAC and offers the highest quality playback, which, however, can only be appreciated on a high-end audio system.

Can I Save Money On Tidal's Premium Membership If I Choose The Right Country

To subscribe to a service in a country where it does not officially work, the user will need to use a VPN application. It is desirable that it be off-browser. First, let’s change the ip-address by choosing the correct country. But what does the right country mean? These are the countries where the cost of subscribing to this service will be minimal.

The next step will be the standard procedure for creating an account, choosing a paid subscription option, and also indicating the method by which payment will be made. You can pay a monthly fee using a card belonging to one of the world’s payment systems. You can also pay for your subscription with electronic money.

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Tidal is a streaming service developed by Scandinavian company Aspiro, and the main feature of the application is support and playback of 16-bit FLAC. The service hosts high quality music and HD-resolution videos, playlists or curated selections and interviews with artists. The subscription price for a regular account will be $9.99, and for an account with lossless music $19.99. But this is in the United States. In other countries, the figure will be the same, but instead of US dollars, there may be another currency, for example, Canadian dollars. Recall that the value of the Canadian dollar is 0.75 US dollars. Therefore, you should first familiarize yourself with the list of countries in which the service works officially and use a currency converter. This tool will help you understand the benefits. But we should not forget that, for example, in the UK, the cost will be in pounds sterling, and the pound sterling rate is much higher than the US dollar (1.35 US dollars).

The lowest subscription price will be in Asia. Here you can save almost half the cost of the tariff. Before subscribing, it is advisable to inquire about the details of this issue on specialized forums by asking the appropriate queries on the Internet.

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