Selena Gomez - EP'Revelación Review

Selena Gomez spent ten years waiting for the release of a Spanish-language record. In it, she changed the usual image of pop singers to tastefully performed R & B.

«It was something I wanted to do for 10 years – working on a Spanish project – because I am so proud of legacy», Selena Gomez recently explained in an interview with Zane Lowe. The singer added that this is an ideal time to restore the popularity of Hispanic music. In Latin American music, she said, there is something that makes people feel all over the world.

 Selena Gomez

When an abundance of free time suddenly appeared due to the pandemic, Gomez spent many months in isolation, working on the Hispanic Revelación in  home studio. Collaborating with producer Tainey, she spent months lovingly creating a new Spanish-language album. And seven songs were a worthy result of this work. By the way, Gomes thoroughly tightened  knowledge in Spanish during this time of work on Hispanic compositions.

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Although the musically new album is not like her 2020 full-length album «Rare» (a brilliant collection of dance pop music that combines electronic sounds and brilliant products with liberating lyrics), «Revelación» retains the singer’s confidence in herself, which is inherent in her past recording.

Gomez is thinking of becoming one of the leaders in reviving the popularity of Latin American music, which she had several decades ago. Moreover, so far this niche in the music market has not yet been thoroughly occupied by anyone.

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