Serato DJ Pro And Lite - What's The Difference?

Popular DJing app Serato has rebranded its custom versions. Some DJs have become lost and confused about these changes.

Serato DJ Pro will be the name given to Serato DJ and Serato DJ Lite will be the name chosen for what was previously known as Serato DJ Intro. Both programs maintain the same hardware and operating system compatibility as previous versions, and despite some rumors, you still need to use officially certified compatible hardware in the end to be able to activate and use all the features of both programs.

Serato DJ Pro. With the release of version 2.0, Serato decided to add the “Pro” slogan to its software and, of course, add new features. The first and most striking is the “Practice Mode”, which replaces the old “Offline Mode” and is the mode in which we will work with the official equipment disabled. The difference is that before in this mode without official equipment we could play one song, now we have two players and we can use various functions such as hot cue, loops, we can synchronize tracks, set a common BPM or change the key.

Be careful, in this new practice mode, although there are some basic mixing controls in the GUI, there are no equalizer controls,

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Another novelty is that the app is now finally 64-bit, which, according to the developer, makes it possible to create much larger playlists, as well as improves performance and stability. This change comes after years of inquiries from users who complained that expensive software couldn’t take advantage of their powerful computers. Additional changes at the hardware level include support for Retina and 4K screens with an interface that adapts perfectly to all types of resolutions.

And there’s another new addition to the software interface, the new “Performance Pad Layout” lets you view your custom hot cues and their names on your controller’s pads just as they physically appear on your screen. there is a more practical visual guide to what our pads will do.

Serato DJ Lite. The “abbreviated” version of Serato DJ moves from the name “Intro” to the slogan “Lite” and practically brings the same innovations, i.e. “Practice Mode”, albeit with the limitations of the old “Intro”. 64 bits and the ability to adapt to high resolution screens. Other than that, and a few changes to the colors used for the app’s interface, there’s not much to say about the changes that have been applied. Hardware compatible with Serato DJ Intro will still be compatible with Lite, and you still have to pay for a Serato DJ Pro license if you want to upgrade to something more powerful.

Both programs remain compatible with the same hardware and operating systems they were already compatible with, and updates are free for those who already have licenses or official hardware.

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