What is the difference between Serato Lite and Pro

Serato is a flawless leader and indispensable resource in the world of DJs. Today, some of the most popular and sought-after versions of this music production software are Serato Lite and Pro. However, what is the difference between Serato Lite and Pro?

 What is the difference between Serato Lite and Pro?

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In fact, the software’s names speak for themselves. Pro-version contains all the tools and features that are necessary for professional DJs to create unique tracks, while Serato-Lite is a simplified version with limited features, which will be an ideal option for the beginner.

But now let’s find out the differences between these two programs.

Price. One of the significant distinctions between these two versions is their cost policies. Lite is absolutely free, therefore, it has some limitations in standard moments. The Pro-version of this application costs about $100 and accordingly is an expanded version with useful characteristics. Also, for an additional fee in Serato Pro, it is possible to buy 6 expansion packs.

Interface. In this category, there are no obvious differences: the interface in both versions is in ultra-high resolution and it has updated graphics.

Slip mode is the characteristic for the Serato Pro version customers only. Using this mode gives customers the possibility to manage the sound in different ways. For example, the user can apply beat jump, chop, shift the beat, and more without significant changes in the track position.

FX pack. Unlike the Lite version, the Pro version offers many possibilities to create incredible combinations. The simple but equally functional FX panel is easy to customize, and the FX chain can be easily combined. However, it doesn’t work with the free software version.

Practice mode. This feature is accessible for both versions of the app.  It allows the customers to work out their mixes without any equipment. This mode is especially convenient for novice DJs who can create mixes with just an ordinary laptop or PC.

Features. Customers who paid for the Pro version of the application  have the ability to record their own mixes and accordingly listen to and share them on other platforms. This version also has built-in key analysis software that allows you to find matching songs. The free version of Serato does not provide these functions.

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What these two versions of the popular application have in common is that customers can easily transfer all their music files to them with the assistance of the special service MusConv. In just a few steps it will transfer all necessary content in any format from more than 50 music streaming services. We don’t know which version of Serato is right for you. However, the MusConv service will definitely make your life easier.