Series Update Old Songs

Retro music has become mainstream. Today, producers of new television series are trying to use old songs as the soundtracks of their creations as effectively as possible. And this gives a very positive result.

More and more TV shows are using classic songs in their episodes. The return to these old songs and musical compositions, which are now a hit, adds significance and popularity to the series.

Perhaps there are certain stereotypes here when the viewer is provided with a film with a soundtrack that is familiar to him from childhood and has become a certain part of his life and memory of his childhood or youth. It probably works on a subconscious level.

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  • Madonna – Material girl (Chronicles of Bridgerton). In the second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle, still on Netflix, the platform has remixed songs like Nirvana’s “Stay Away”, Harry Styles, Rihanna or even Madonna’s “Material Girl” in the classic version. A success that even started trends on TikTok. The latter was followed by millions of people.
  • Bonus: Nirvana – “Something In The Way” (Batman). This power is not limited to TV shows, it also exists in movies. When it was released last March, The Batman with Robert Pattinson also drew attention to Nirvana’s Something In The Way. The song is the soundtrack to this production signed by Matt Reeves. There, too, the TikTok trend was born, and Internet users are perfecting it.
  • Lupine, the flagship Netflix series starring Omar Sy, features one of the songs by Cascadeur, a performer from Metz. This is “Meaning” from the studio album “The Human Octopus”. The latter was released in 2011 and took the internet by storm, especially on TikTok, as soon as the show’s first season aired.
  • In its genre, Glee has also awakened the younger generation to classic music. Queen, The Beatles, Tina Turner… Famous artists with popular songs. The brightest of the series remains “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. The title, sung from the first episode of the series, becomes an anthem for Glee fans.

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