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In an era of ever-increasing numbers of music festivals and world tours, keeping track of your favorite artists can feel like chasing shadows in the dark. However, amidst this chaos there exists This portal is a testament to the dedication of concertgoers around the world, offering a comprehensive repository of set lists, tour details and other interesting facts related to the performances.

At the heart of is its main function: creating setlists. When visiting this page, visitors have a variety of options, from viewing the most popular artists to viewing specific concert listings. For example, you can easily view the set list of the concert of your favorite musical group or your favorite artist, which took place on such and such a date in such and such a year, with the ability to listen to songs directly on the site through embedded YouTube videos.

But is more than just a repository for setlists; it is a huge repository of concert-related music information. Users can search for their favorite artists or bands, finding a wealth of data including past performances, tour dates, and of course, setlists. Want to know where your favorite band tore up the stage? will provide you with information about the venues, cities and even countries where the concerts took place.

The site also has a section dedicated to festivals, where they are ordered by popularity and number of setlists presented. Each festival’s listing includes important details such as dates, participating artists and location information, providing festival fans with a one-stop destination to plan their musical pilgrimages.

In addition, serves as a community engagement platform, allowing registered users to share their concert experiences by adding setlists. With just a few clicks, concertgoers can immortalize their favorite performances, ensuring that future generations of music lovers will be able to bask in the glory of legendary concerts.

For those hungry for statistics, offers a glimpse into the world of cover versions, showcasing which tunes have received the most covers by various artists. In addition, users can explore data on the frequency of concerts in different countries, cities and locations, providing a fascinating snapshot of the dynamics of the music scene.

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Key features of

  1. Direct access to concert setlists, including popular and recent performances.
  2. Navigate by artist to explore tour history and venue details.
  3. The “Festival” section contains detailed information about the festival and the list of participants.
  4. Community engagement through user-submitted setlists and concert data.
  5. Statistical information on cover versions and frequency of concerts around the world.

In conclusion, is a beacon for music lovers, putting a wealth of concert information at their fingertips. Whether you’re a die-hard fan looking to relive past performances or a festival goer planning your next adventure, has everything you need to ignite your musical passion.

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