Shakira Continues to Revenge Gerard Pique

While Gerard Pique has just formalized his relationship with Clara Marty, the beautiful Shakira is not yet done with her revenge. Last summer, after 13 years of relationship, football player Gerard Pique and singer Shakira announced to their fans that they had decided to leave. For several months now, the whole world has been watching the turbulent history of Shakira and Gerard Pique.

Shakira was the first to officially announce that she was breaking up with her companion Gerard Pique. News that produces a bomb effect on the planet of people. And in vain no one thought that two celebrities could come to this. At first, the couple hid the reasons for their breakup.

When parting, the former couple promised publicly that they would not speak out aggressively and behave towards each other, at least in public. A short-lived wish, as a few months later, Shakira shared the title music session of BZRP #53, in which she empties her bag of negativity about her ex-husband. The lyrics are frank, they also criticize him for trading Ferrari for Twingo.

A strong and independent woman, the Colombian singer does not intend to be humiliated by Gerard Pique. On the contrary, Shakira chose to react calmly to the provocation of a football player who formalized his relationship with Clara Marti, a young woman with whom he cheated on the mother of his children. Shakira found out that Gerard Pique was cheating on her with another woman. A blow for the star, who is leaving the marital home and moving to Miami with the kids.

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According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Shakira is ready to release a new track under the sting of Gerard Pique. The release of this new musical bomb is scheduled for February 2, which is inexorably approaching. The date is important, as the player turns 36 years old. According to media reports, Shakira would shoot the video in just two days and team up with Latin American singer Karol G. It seems that the beauty still has a voice.

Shakira had to leave the family home with her sons by the New Year, and Gerard Piqué, for his part, would only have the right to visit his children 10 days a month, as well as during school holidays. Therefore, with their ex Gerard Pique, they put up for sale their luxurious house, located 30 minutes from Barcelona.

This is a magnificent villa of 1500 m2, which includes seven bedrooms, five levels and its own recording studio, as well as a mini football field. A swimming pool and a huge garden complete this incredible property.

If you want to buy this house, you will still have to pay between 12 and 13.6 million euros.

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