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Since the very beginning, Google has the goodwill of providing a different range of services to its users. Google play music is one of those services which allows its users uninterrupted online music streaming, podcast streaming, and online music locker. The service started its journey on May 10, 20111, and reformed as a beta version on November 16, 2011. On today’s date, standard account holders can upload and listen to 50000 music without costing a penny.

Google Play library

In Google Play Library, if you share any song, the persons from another side can listen to a preview so that they can decide whether to or not to purchase the song. Although you can share music which is paired with different subscriber and those people can roam into your shared music, not all content is subject to share.

Let’s see how you can share using your google play library,

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Google Play Music web player or start Google play Music app on your mobile.
  • Then you need to select My Library or Music Library from the Menu
  • Select the Share option from a song or music
  • Select the method you need to share in
  • Follow the instruction that comes on the screen

The nicest thing about google play music is that it has a strong presence on the web. You can publicly send URL to other people and when the open that URL, they can listen to the song or begin free streaming over the net. Besides this, every subscriber can make and share their playlist using Google Play Music.

Followed by other updates of Google such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so on, Google Play Music also updated itself to provide seamless services to its users. The first and foremost one is that the user can easily change the name and description of the playlist they are sharing. Secondly, they can easily share the playlist from the device they are using whether it is a computer or mobile phone. Earlier, this service was only limited to the web version of Google Play Music. To use this newly added service, you need to select the playlist of songs from the “overflow” menu from the “menu” button. If you are already using Google Play Music, you have the latest version which is 5.5.1509O in your “My Apps” section of the Play Store. However, if you are not currently using the app, you can download it from the play store searching by “Play Music App”