Shazam vs SoundHound

Shazam Entertainment Limited company founded in 1999 and it bought on 24 September 2018 from Apple company. Shazam is a music recognition apps for phones. In the 2016 year, the Shazam had over 300 milion users same with Soundhound.

SoundHound Inc. company founded in 2005. SoundHound is an audio and voice recognition with language understanding. It announced partership with Mercedez-Benz, Hyundai and Honda with voice interaction AI platform for their products. The another partnership made in 2020 with Snap Inc. for voice scan technology of the Snapchat app.

How Shazam work?

Start to use recognition music from Shazam app for the popular or commercial music played around of you and this offer you the name and bibliography of music. If the music is not original or not have original parts when apps each the sounds, the results is not apper.

How SoundHound work?

You can registered your fredonation or music in any language and the SoundHound will give you the relevance music. Because it follow audio or speech recognition, the music that offer can not be what you want. The method return always a results but, it can be wrong indifferent was registered a small popular music exist on internet or your voice.

In clonclusion, ecah application is good for a type of recognition music. Shazam give you original music when it apper without wrong results in 98% of case and SoundHound can give you result from your voice, your fredonation music part or any music played around but, exist more change to not return an original or a correctly results.