Shirley Manson: «Every Day Is International Women's Day»

Shirley Manson introduced a new playlist that is fully dedicated to celebrating International Women’s Day with the beautiful half of humanity who are busy in the music industry.

The playlist consists of 47 songs, the duration of which is 2 hours 49 minutes. Almost all of them are devoted to human feelings, love and hope, the search by the puppy for itself in this cruel world.

Representatives of the music industry from many countries support today’s annual celebration of International Women’s Day, the purpose of which is to defend rights and pay tribute to women around the world.

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Rita Ora tweeted that the strength of a group of women united by one goal is almost insurmountable. That is why women representatives of the music industry need to stick together today. This is especially true in our difficult time, when the music industry has been dealt a crushing blow by the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of 2020, Manson gave an interview to Garbage News, in which she confirmed that she was actively working on seventh music album, but even he has no working name yet, as the release date is unknown. Fans of the singer eagerly expect the release of a new album, counting on its release in the spring or summer of 2021.

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