Should I Change Spotify To Apple Music?

If you like music, chances are you know about Spotify. This wonderful Swedish music streaming app provides us with a huge library of online music that we can listen to anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, Apple Music offers us, like Spotify, a music streaming service with less cross-platform support, but with an equally respectable library.

Which streaming platform offers us a larger catalog? Both music services are very similar in this aspect, in both we will find a huge variety of songs. We’re talking about a catalog of 70 to 80 million songs across both platforms. Apple Music may approach or even exceed 80 million, but it’s a very respectable catalog anyway.

Which of the two consumes more data? Basically it depends on the quality of the songs we are going to listen to. For comparison, we’ll use the default quality used by the two premium apps.

  • Apple Music: 256Kbps (High quality, can be changed to 320Kbps), 7.68MB for every four minutes of audio.
  • Spotify: 320Kbps (premium quality), 9.6MB for every four minutes of audio.

The difference is noticeable, but on both platforms we can reduce the quality of the songs to 96Kbps to consume less data.

Apple Music seamlessly integrates into iOS and macOS, using one app to manage Apple Music, your music, and iTunes.

Curiously, neither of the two apps allows you to legally download music (Spotify allows you to use offline libraries, but it doesn’t let you extract them from the app). If you want to download a song, you will have to buy it on any other platform.

Finally, we are going to compare the monthly payments of these two apps and the free versions or trial periods that we have.

If you look at the prices, you will feel some competition in the air. Both have the same prices and offers. Both cost €9.99 per month with a free offer for the first three months.

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It is clear that no one wants to lose customers and is in direct competition. The same happens with the discount for families (14.99 euros) and for students (4.99 euros), they cost the same in both applications.

In addition, Apple allows us to pay for a whole year of Apple Music for 99 euros, thus saving a little on the final price if we paid by the month. But Spotify allows us to create a free account with some disadvantages.

With such similar prices, it is very difficult to choose one or another application. If you’re loyal to Apple and all (or almost all) of your devices have the Apple logo stuck on the back, you might want to switch to Apple Music to have all your music centralized in one place. But if you are a user of other operating systems or have already used Spotify before, this option might interest you more.

The decision on whether to change from one music streaming service to another is left directly to the user. If you want to get a more technological service, then you should choose an Apple product. If you want to use the streaming service for free, then the Spotify offer will become relevant for you.

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