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Should I Choose Hulu Or Netflix?

Which video distribution service to choose: Hulu or Netflix? This question interests almost everyone who considers himself a movie buff. Both streaming services offer a huge variety of movies, series and other video content, including a huge selection of music videos.

But still, which one is best for you? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

Each video rental service has its own characteristics. Both Hulu and Netflix are video distribution services that allow unlimited viewing of all works for a monthly fee. However, there are differences between Hulu and Netflix in terms of product genres and service content.

Hulu Features:

  • High quality playback and the ability to independently adjust it.
  • Unlimited viewing of over 100 000 videos.
  • Two week free trial period.
  • Six profiles can be set for one account.

Consider now the main features of Netflix:

  • Unlimited viewing of all videos for a monthly fee.
  • You can watch original Netflix videos.
  • Loyal tariff policy.
  • Wide distribution in the world.

Netflix is said to be the largest video distribution service in the United States, which is why it is characterized by strong movies and dramas. It supports dubbing in many languages and switching subtitles.

Another attraction is the abundance of original works and exclusive distributions. There are also many exclusive distributions that can only be seen on Netflix.

Incidentally, Hulu has a two-week free trial, while Netflix does not.

Hulu and Netflix allow family members to share registered accounts. Both allow you to create multiple profiles on your account.

However, Hulu does not support simultaneous playback on multiple devices. On the other hand, with Netflix, it depends on the plan you choose. Playing on two or more devices requires a Standard plan or higher.

Both Hulu and Netflix support double speed playback. In this way, both services can take advantage of double speed playback to reduce playback time and save time. The maximum playback speed is 1.8x for Hulu and 1.5x for Netflix. If you want to reduce playback time and watch more videos, Hulu at 1.8x is your best bet.

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Hulu does not support simultaneous playback on multiple devices. Therefore, if you want to share and use it with family and friends, you will inevitably choose Netflix.

However, the number of Netflix that can be played at the same time varies depending on the plan you choose. The standard plan allows you to view up to two devices at the same time, while the premium plan allows you to view up to 4 devices at the same time.

Note that even Netflix doesn’t support simultaneous playback on the Basic plan.

When comparing picture quality, Netflix supports 4K, which is the highest picture quality. Please note that 4K quality is only available with the Netflix premium plan. Other plans do not allow HD quality or higher. Another big disadvantage is that you can only use HD image quality with the standard plan and SD image quality with the basic plan.

Hulu, on the other hand, supports Full HD, which is on par with Blu-ray. If you want to watch videos in high definition, Hulu is the best choice.

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