Should I Pay For a Napster?

Napster was a pioneer of streaming music. It was developed by two young men who later became millionaires thanks to their invention.

It was the very first service that united music lovers from all over the world since the late 90s. It can be called the prototype of modern Apple Music or Spotify and the first music file sharing.

Initially, the functionality of the site made it possible for different users to exchange mp3 files. As a result, the service has grown into the largest music community. In fairness, it should be said that the community was engaged in music piracy, which caused an extremely negative reaction from artists.

Long court cases with the copyright holders, the absence of a serious investor and financial investments led to the final sale of Rhapsody International. Relatively recently, Rhapsody was renamed Napster, which means the rebirth of the service. The bet is made on the recognition of the legendary brand and legal content.


A feature of the service is a really huge database of music, and now it is already licensed. There is the possibility of downloading in MP3 format and unlimited listening to streaming music. Personalized recommendation tools are provided. It is also worth noting the interesting design, both in the desktop version and in applications for mobile devices.

You can use your Amazon or Facebook account to sign up. To activate the free period (30 days), you will immediately need to provide bank details or PayPal data. At the end of this period, the subscription will cost from $9.99 per month (there are three options for a paid subscription), but you can cancel it in time.

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The service features content from music experts Napster, curated playlists based on new music or eras, and new track collections. It is possible to subscribe to friends and other users of the service to follow their updates. There is an artist radio that can be configured to play popular songs or tracks from certain reforms, for example. Napster apps are designed for different platforms and are surprisingly easy to use. The interface is clear both on a smartphone and on a tablet or Windows computer.

The updated Napster is quite good even by today’s standards and in the presence of fierce competition in the segment of streaming platforms. In terms of application design, in general, everything is excellent, but in terms of sound, it still does not reach the market leaders.

Deciding whether or not to subscribe to Napster is possible only after the user fully appreciates all the advantages and disadvantages of this music streaming service. And for this you can use its free monthly version.

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