Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music?

Spotify and Apple Music are the two leading music streaming services. According to various estimates, Spotify owns from 31 to 35 percent of the global streaming music market, and its direct competitor – from 19 to 24 percent. Each of the platforms has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is an ongoing discussion among music lovers about which of these services is better and which one should be chosen for use.

The cardinal difference between them is that Spotify has a free version, albeit with some restrictions and intrusive ads, but it does. But Apple Music does not have a free version in principle. In terms of sound quality and volume of the music library, both platforms are quite comparable, so you can not give priority to any of them. But, again, the quality depends very much on how and how the album or song got into the service. Now, for example, many musicians use various services that upload their albums to all available services. And in this case, the quality will be the same, unless, of course, the musicians want to take advantage of Apple’s initiative, which is called Apple Digital Masters, and prepares music for release on Apple Music.

Switch From Spotify To Apple Music

Should I switch from Spotify to Apple Music? Many users are very annoyed by intrusive targeted ads on Swedish music streaming. Apple Music doesn’t really annoy its users with ads. Not only does Spotify have an almost identical library of music, but the design of the app has become much like what Apple Music subscribers are used to.

Spotify also offers proper Android support, including an Android TV app, Google Home and Alexa support, and even a podcast section. Apple is a perfect fit for the apple gadget ecosystem, and Android support is a low priority for Apple. Therefore, frankly speaking, those with similar technology are more willing to choose this particular streaming platform.

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It is very important for someone to see the lyrics in front of their eyes. And there is no better service than Apple Music for this business. Spotify also has texts, but their number is about the same, and that is, texts are far from everywhere.

Spotify lets you share your profile with friends or anywhere you like. You can control your music from any device that your account is connected to. Or you can continue to listen to the song on different devices almost seamlessly: the song was playing on the computer, but you have to exit. You have pressed the Play button in the application on your smartphone and now you are listening to music on your comfortable headphones on the way to the subway.

So, the transition from Spotify to Apple Music is a purely individual matter. Each of these services has its own advantages and disadvantages. The question is which of the functions of each of them are most significant for you.

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