Should I Use VST Or VST3 In Reaper?

Despite the highest quality of modern equipment, producers strive to make their music even better. For all its drawbacks, elements and musical effects add depth and richness to the signal. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy expensive vintage equipment to color the sound you want. The XXI century is flying forward at full speed, technologies are developing, technology is becoming more perfect. The more advanced and technologically advanced studio equipment becomes, the more actively producers and sound engineers look to the past. The perfection of today’s sound evokes nostalgia for the signal flaws that characterize 20th century music.

Reaper is a popular music recording and editing application. This program is very often used by young and already experienced musicians when writing and editing musical compositions. Reaper is considered a very powerful music production application among music professionals. And in the second place, this program can be considered as an editor of musical works.

VST was developed jointly by Steinberg and Propellerhead (now Reason Studios), but after a while Propellerhead left the project to focus on its own Reason ReFill format. VST brings real instruments to the digital environment. All libraries (for example, virtual drums), software synthesizers and samplers work on its basis. Today, virtual instruments are commonly referred to as VST.

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Today the developers have taken a good marketing ploy. They began to distribute keys for free when downloading a popular application. The Reaper Temporary Key Giveaway is a coup from Cockos Inc. In addition to supporting musicians who might find themselves in self-isolation with a computer without a DAW, the company may well grow a user base – after all, the extended full-featured period of use has not harmed anyone yet. In general, if you planned to study Reaper in detail, but did not dare for some reason, then you will not find a better moment than now.

The program uses VST plugins, which have become the standard of the music industry. As for the VST3 format, so far we are not talking about its support. The German company Steinberg, developer of plug-ins of this format, uses them mainly in its software. This type of plug-ins, which runs exclusively on 64-bit systems, is the newest plug-in category and is used in a limited number of music writing and editing programs.

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