Should You Buy YouTube Premium?

YouTube can be safely considered the most popular video hosting in the world. The service is completely free, but at the same time, the user of the free version has many restrictions that do not add comfort.

At the beginning of YouTube Premium, the American company assumed that it would encourage customers to purchase a subscription with their own and not available content anywhere else. Unfortunately, at some point, the company stopped investing so heavily in expensive series and made some of them free, and new products under the YouTube Originals guise are fairly inexpensive programs, reports, and small documents. However, it’s worth remembering that when you purchase a YouTube Premium subscription, you get access to a huge amount of exclusive content that you won’t be able to see anywhere else without purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Premium, in addition to being able to avoid ads and access YouTube Music Premium, has a few tricks up its sleeve. These options are very powerful.

Firstly, it is the ability to save the selected content in the phone’s memory. Movies and music can be saved to mobile devices, they will be stored there for 30 days, during which you will not be connected to the Internet in our country. This means that if you do not leave your country for more than a month, your content will not disappear. Please note – if your phone has less than 5% disk space left, no further downloads will be possible.

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One of the biggest problems with the YouTube app is that when the display goes blank, the app closes without even playing music. But this problem concerns not only blanking, but even switching to another application. It’s such a hassle that you can’t listen to music from the service while doing something on your phone, and streaming continuously is extremely power-hungry and can quickly drain your battery. YouTube Premium doesn’t have this problem because it has the ability to play music in the background.

YouTube’s strategy is clear – we pay to be able to watch the movies of our choice without distraction. And quite a bit of angst because the American site predates movies with ads that often last a few seconds, sometimes just a few clicks for them to disappear. However, you should not count on the fact that advertising can be deceived, because the company is increasingly throwing ads that do not disappear on their own and you have to confirm your desire to watch the movie with one more click. If that’s not enough, ads interrupt the films. However, avoiding unwanted ads isn’t everything, because YouTube Premium offers more.

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