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Single of the week from Nick Jonas

Jonas Brothers boy band leader Nick Jonas announced Spaceman’s solo album, which will be released on March 12, and released the title song from him as a single as a seed. At first glance, Spaceman is a traditional pop ballad: a sweet-haired boy sings a gentle memorable melody to soft electronic accompaniment with delicate acoustic embossments. In general, nothing new is typical, as if the products that came off the conveyor, ideal for background listening in a car or in a cafe, as well as for a school medley. But the text makes you look at this number a little differently.

The entire single is permeated with a cosmic theme. The singer himself calls himself an astronaut on the dark side of the moon, who really wants to return home to his usual life, hug his relatives and see familiar faces.

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It is clear that the alien plot here is only a metaphor and it is not about loneliness in space, but about loss on Earth – now not the 1960s in the courtyard, but the 2020s, and here almost all of humanity was suddenly locked alone with itself.

And this perception of modern reality and the limitations caused by the world pandemic is now becoming familiar realities of our consciousness. Increasingly, in musical compositions there is a leitmotif of loneliness among a huge city, isolation and closure from other people at this difficult time.

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