Sir Paul McCartney began to write an autobiography in poetry

Paul McCartney’s book will be called «Lyrics». In it, he describes the events of life from 1956 to the present. 1956 became a turning point for young Paul in his biography. It was then that his mother died, and it was in 1956 that he met John Lennon.

Sir Paul McCartney

This book will not be McCartney’s first. The first book, entitled «Hello, Grandfather!» was published at the end of 2019 and was translated into many languages of the world. Many will be surprised, but McCartney wrote it in the genre of children’s adventure prose. And Grandfather is the nickname that one of his grandchildren gave Sir Paul. The book is filled with adventures in different parts of the world, where the main characters will not only visit during  travels, but will heroically overcome various obstacles.

Sir Paul says he had the idea of writing an autobiographical book for a long time, but he postponed everything due to constant zeitnote. He admits that the songs when writing were given to him much easier than prose.

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Texts in the «Lyrics» are arranged alphabetically. The publishers of the book claim that this will provide a kaleidoscopic, not a chronological report. Moreover, absolutely everything will be included in it: and those that were written in The Beatles, and then in The Wings, and during a solo career.

It is expected that each poetic text will be supplemented by a description of the circumstances under which it was written. Will tell Sir Paul about the people and places that inspired him to these songs.

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