Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Headphones Review

In the market of musical equipment you can find a huge selection today. But how to decide and not make a mistake with the choice? In order not to risk, it is better to turn to well-known and proven brands.

Skullcandy is a fairly well-known brand in the audio industry, primarily due to its excellent quality products that are very friendly to a young and even slightly inexperienced user.

With built-in microphone, acoustic isolation, memory foam, adjustable and immersive tactile stereo bass, fast charging, 40-hour battery life, Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones, black will be an excellent choice.

In an opaque all-black color, the Crusher Wireless delight the eye with a modern, sporty and minimalist design. They’re well built, fairly light thanks to the clever use of plastic, and don’t look too different from any other headset, even if it’s not just a headset.

Inputs for an audio jack and micro USB cable are located on the left pavilion, along with a small microphone and a slider to adjust the bass. On the right, however, we find a very small, multi-colored status LED, just above the keys for volume up and down, and the multi-function button for turning them on, off, or invoking pairing mode.

The design is a combination of plastic and metal: the outside is made of plastic, soft to the touch and light to increase comfort, and when the pavilions are extended, the internal metal structure can be seen.

The bass control slider is pretty accurate thanks to its long travel, but it does feel a little wonky in terms of construction.

There is another small error – this is that the cords connecting the two pavilions to the headband are in plain sight, so that you can accidentally pull and break them. Aesthetically, however, they are not too disturbing.

The headphones themselves are made of plastic, they can be extended as desired and easily adapted to fit any head size. The stretch system is a little stiff, very difficult to stretch them right on your head, it’s better to stretch them before putting them on.

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The pavilions cannot be flattened, but they can be folded to reduce the size during transport. Comfort is another very positive aspect of these Skullcandy Crusher Wireless: the padding is excellent, thick and very soft. These are in-ear headphones so the ear fits into the earpiece for maximum comfort. The padding under the headband is great too.

The Crusher Wireless Bluetooth connection is stable and holds Skullcandy’s claimed 10 meters well.

More significant for some might be the lack of NFC, which would have allowed fast pairing, but that’s 10 seconds longer.

The sound clearly emphasizes the bass, but without degrading other frequencies. The mids are excellent and give the sound a lot of body, the highs are good even if they lack the punch that would make them something more. The bass is a little more than usual, but manages to be kept in check with the slider.

For bass lovers, these headphones have become a revolution. Listening to electro, house, trap, dubstep with these Crusher Wireless is a real experience. The bass is very powerful, it feels like you are going to the cinema for the first time and the trailer full of explosions starts, with a subwoofer that makes the whole room shake.

The Crusher Wireless can also be used with some satisfaction for movies and games thanks to the really nice bass and good soundstage. Here the soundstage is good only because in some cases the separation of instruments is not very accurate, especially at the highest volume levels.

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