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Smartlink for Music

As you know, the music industry has completely moved to the internet. This means that musicians or playlist owners can use many different platforms to promote their creativity. By posting music content everywhere, it is possible to make it more accessible, and it means that more people could listen to it.

Smartlink for Music.

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Now imagine that you want to share a new release with your followers through social media, for example. Of course, the easiest way is to pin a link and it’s done. However, there’s one problem with that. Not everyone uses Spotify or Tidal streaming, for example, but the link you’ve pinned is leading to that apps. This is more likely to turn away a potential listener. So, what to do? Attach 10 links? No! There is a great solution, and it’s the Smartlink for Music.

What is Smartlink?

So, Smartlink is a great tool that makes your life easier if you work on several different platforms. With this modern technology, instead of using multiple referral links, you can create just one. It is the main principle of the Smart Link.

Have you ever wondered why this link is called Smart? It automatically recognizes where your traffic is coming from and displays the best variants for each user. In simple terms, this technology will offer your listeners the single link to which they already have access. It chooses the appropriate information from all platforms where you put the music content. So, every potential fan of your talented creations could easily get access to it.

Don’t forget that any Smartlink enables you to gather an audience of clicked-on fans. So, master and insert the pixels for subsequent effective advertising to that audience on social media.

As you can see, Smart Link does have a lot of perks (especially, if you’re a performer), it is ideal for:

  • promoting releases on social media;
  • collection and analyzing audience behavior;
  • increasing listening to music releases;
  • increasing concert ticket sales and helps build a fan audience;
  • support of major ticketing services;
  • concert promotion on social media.

How to create the Smartlink

Creating such a link with modern technologies is absolutely easy. Typing a query into Google, a dialogue box will give you thousands of services that can do this, so, move on!

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If you want to share Smartlink which leads to tracks that are available in different streaming services, you need to share them in those streaming services. However, it’s much better to just copy or move them around! The special service MusConv can help with that. This application is capable of transferring your content to more than 50 platforms. Distribution of your music will be no problem at all.