Song honoring China-Philippine friendship, but with Beijing's illegal territorial claims in the East Sea

The Chinese Embassy in Manila posted a 4-minute video in Chinese and Filipino on its social media pages on April 23 to mark a new era of bilateral cooperation amid the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Internet users have calculated that China is taking advantage of the current situation to include its territorial claims to the East Sea in this melody. Philippine media have expressed concern over Beijing’s attempt to edit photographs and statements from senior Manila officials and insert them into a propaganda song about China’s illogical sovereignty in the East Sea.

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To date, this video from the Asian giant has been rejected due to 144,000 dislikes on social media and only 2,000 likes on YouTube. Meanwhile, on Facebook, this publication has collected 225 thousand views, of which 12 thousand – «It pisses me off». The publication was issued by China the day after the Philippines sent two diplomatic notes against Beijing’s illegal territorial claims in the sea zone, as well as against its establishment of the Xisha and Nansha regions, and other illegal activities of China in the region.

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