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Sonmi releases a fascinating release of two songs

After the collapse of the Wonder Girls in 2017, Sonmi ensured that her own music withdrew from the style of the retro women’s group and worked closely with drummers like Teddy Park and Franz to reinvent herself. But even after a bunch of singles that are not part of the album, Sonmis’s artistic identity remains mysterious. The question is who Sonmi really is.

She recently announced TAIL. This is a fascinating conceptual release of two songs to prove her seriousness as a solo artist.

Sonmy’s single «TAIL», written together with Franz, reflects the singer’s sexual desires and fantasies. It is described as a song about a «hypersensitive cat who wants love with all her heart, expressing her deepest instinctive feelings».

«Animals use their cock to express their emotions», Sonmi explains the concept of «cock» in «The Herald». I liked the openness of this instinctive behavior, and the word  dick impressed me a lot».

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Sonmi shows these animalistic ideas in a variety of ways: she stretches out her singing and pulls it by simulating the crying cat, and instead of singing, she murmurs. There are smart metaphors everywhere.

The concept is in fact implemented and visual. In the associated music video Sonmi plays his own version of the female cat, which comes from Kyle Michelle Pfeiffer’s canvas adaptation. She jumps in a tight leather dress and invents the dramatic interpretation of the woman Pfeiffer. It is a coquetting and seductive offer from a star who wants to leave his mark.

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