Sonos Multiroom System

Multiroom is a holistic concept and a new way of listening. Huge advantage? No cables, easy installation and control with your smartphone or tablet. Synchronize music in the living room and bedroom, or personalize the atmosphere in every room, right down to the bathroom.

The principle of multi-room is that you gradually equip your home with audio speakers connected to each other via Wi-Fi or a similar network. And each of these speakers is also connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Thanks to the application, you can easily control the music that you want to play in every room of the house at any time. You can listen to the same song everywhere and put different sound in every room or on every speaker.

Those who talk about wireless say that there are no cables running through the whole house or complicated connections. First of all, the installation of these wireless systems is quick and easy. And they’re scalable – you can start with one speaker and add more over time. The setup is just as easy.

Another advantage of the speakers that make up these multi-room systems is their sound quality. They allow you to enjoy your music content in high quality. And that’s the wide range of sounds you can play on your speakers – all the songs stored on each of your devices, but not only. By connecting speakers to mobile devices, you can stream music from services such as Deezer or Spotify, listen to web radio from around the world.

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The specificity of multiroom systems today is that each brand has its own system. If you start equipping with the Sonos brand, you will continue to use the same.

Gradually, not only speakers become multiroom. These are soundbars, and home theaters, and Hi-Fi systems, and even TVs can be integrated into multi-room systems. Imagine: you are watching a program, you need to go to the kitchen, you do not lose connection thanks to the connection between your TV and the speaker installed in the kitchen. And you can manage it all with a few hand movements.

Wandering around the house from one room to another, you turn on the music on the speakers in the living room. When you get to the bathroom, start the web radio while you clean up. If you like a song, you immediately add it to your Deezer playlist. As soon as you return to the living room, you have already started this track. All this thanks to a single app on your smartphone connected to your speakers.

Free, wireless and relaxed music is the principle of multiroom music. Several brands got into it by creating their next generation audio system. Easy to install, these are Hi-Fi systems (of today) and of tomorrow, and they make room for connected music. And the American company Sonos, which produces musical equipment for the smart home ecosystem, has been especially successful in this. It is Sonos who today holds the palm in the introduction of wireless data transmission technologies in the “smart home” music system, which is becoming more and more popular every day both in the United States and European countries, as well as in other countries of the world.

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