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Soul video of Lomba Sihir

Hindia Lomba Sihir pleased fans with the new single «Hati dan Paru-Paru». The single is based on the announcement of the band’s first music album, which, as the musicians plan, should appear at the end of 2021.

The group states that it is inspired by the music of the 70s and 80s of the last century. That is why the style of pop music of artists will be something similar to this time. The single accompanies the corresponding video clip, directed by the famous television host Iyas Lawrence. He also plays a major role in the music video, distributes products, plush toys, shirts and skateboards to children and workers, because Jakarta has a rainy season every year.

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The vocalist of the Indonesian band Baskara Putra gave a brief description to the new music video clip – this is a confession of love to his native Jakarta, a reminder that life in it continues despite the pandemic COVID-19 and all the restrictions and disappointments associated with it.

It is planned that the future music album will be largely devoted to life during the pandemic, its joys and disappointments, hopes and victories. This is a reflection of what everyone today feels not only in Indonesia, but also in almost every country in the world faced with the problems of the pandemic and survived total quarantine restrictions.

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