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Streaming music is experiencing its most colorful period in history. Music market experts state that today there are about one thousand music streaming services in the world and their number is increasing every day.

Among this huge streaming music shop, there are world-famous streaming music services, as well as their regional rivals, and national-level services.

SoundCloud is a paradise primarily for lovers of electronic beats. Musicians not only present their achievements, but also recommend their favorite songs of other performers. Of course, there are other categories such as classical music, jazz, rock and pop. The names and names of artists in some cases only say something to the greatest connoisseurs, but nevertheless they are worth listening to. Often the songs can even be downloaded for free.

Sometimes we also encounter short sound samples such as drum transitions or guitar riffs. We can use some of them in our own works. This is definitely an interesting addition to the basic website auditing library.

Many famous artists use SoundCloud. However, they rarely post entire albums on the site – to listen to full albums, you have to turn to other streaming services. No wonder musicians want to make money, and listening to SoundCloud is completely free. However, the website offers singles, live recordings or audio interviews. And it’s a great addition to other streaming services.

SoundCloud has another big advantage: it is built in a very modern way: after logging in, we see a simple, neat start page. In the “Browse” tab, we can browse the music of different genres according to our taste. We also have our own personal profile with features that match well-known social networks, such as a list of users who follow us, comments on songs we’ve submitted, and our playlists.

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If you have an iOS or Android smartphone, we can download the dedicated SoundCloud app for free. On the other hand, unofficial apps such as AudioCloud are available for Windows Phone users. Browsing portal content with a mobile web browser also works flawlessly. Unfortunately, SoundCloud doesn’t offer the offline mode known from Spotify – all songs are always streamed directly from the network, so be careful about transfer consumption.

However, there is one thing that more than compensates for all the possible disadvantages of a streaming service: on SoundCloud we can publish our own music, and if we have the ability and a little luck, we can even become famous and build a real successful music career. This is a huge advantage of the site. In addition, thanks to him, we will discover many performers. Of course, finding something unique often takes a lot of time, but no other service offers you such an opportunity.

When we need famous songs, other streaming services are a great solution. However, when we look for new inspiration, we must turn to SoundCloud – as an almost inexhaustible source of original songs of all genres, it is simply indispensable.

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