SoundCloud monetization – what is it?

Competition in the global music streaming market is becoming increasingly tough every day. And this is not surprising at a time when almost the entire global music industry went online, not being able to receive the usual income from live concerts. Therefore, the most important income item for musicians in this difficult time of the world pandemic was music streaming services that allow them to survive.

SoundCloud has established itself in the league of websites for streaming music, so it is not surprising why it continues to flourish even in the face of fierce competition. This music streaming service has some features that distinguish it from other platforms. Many performers today go into SoundCloud with other streaming services.

Relatively recently, SoundCloud introduced a function called «Monetization», since this is an effective way that allows artists to directly monetize their musical works. However, the main goal of SoundCloud is to be a platform for downloading music for content creators. This goal makes SoundCloud a popular choice for figures in the music industry.

In addition to the fact that the streaming music service will be able to monetize the work of the musician without problems, he still has no restrictions on the amount of content that can be downloaded, if, of course, the author has 100% right to these compositions.

SoundCloud monetization

The monetization program on the service is available only to paid subscribers who have accounts of the category SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Unlimited. Subscribers to one of these plans have laid out millions of music tracks that are included in the monetization program. Royalty payments directly depend on the number of listeners and some other parameters. In addition, the amount of royalties paid monthly to musicians will compete with many other venues for streaming music.

The rules of the service indicate that only adult users can participate in the program, and monetization can be applied only to original compositions that do not violate copyright.

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Today, more than 20 million musicians from many countries of the world have used the monetization program on SoundCloud. Unlike Spotify for Artists, which does not work in all countries of the world, SoundCloud capabilities are already available to users in any country.

Musicians can use the service and breed their own compositions. Having drawn up a detailed and realistic marketing plan, you can independently engage in the promotion of your music, because SoundCloud combines the capabilities of a music streaming service and a social network.

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